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Welcome to Bubblegum Records.

Inspired by the DIY lunacy of many a predecessor, Bubblegum Records was established in Glasgow in March 2009.

We endeavour to bring together people from all over, who enjoy Bubblegum Records’ influences.  It won’t have a “sound” as such but hopefully its philosophy of accessible, independent pop music will attract like minded people.

This is no corporate whore affair.  Bubblegum is a self financed project, any profit goes straight back into the label - it’s as simple as that!  For Bubblegum Records each release is a joint venture - a true partnership between band and label and we hope that the quality of the releases reflects that.  

Since June 2009, it has released digipack cds from sometimes similar and often disparate bands, all of whom want their music to be heard and although serious about their music - know how to have fun.  

We hope you enjoy what Bubblegum Records has to offer and take some time to look around the site, support the artists, buy cds etc., download music and come along to some of the gig and club nights we run.

If you want to come along to one of our gigs the cheapest way is to buy a ticket directly from our online shop. We only sell etickets!  No postage, no admin. and no booking fee. Where possible live shows will be hosted in Glasgow.  

To check out which bands or artists we are currently working with go the the artists page.

You can buy directly from us at our online shop or download tracks from various download sites: itunes, Napster, Spotify etc., etc.