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Debut album New Youth Bible is OUT NOW on cd.

An astonishing debut album by anyone’s standards. 10 perfectly crafted songs that ooze melody, deafen with sonic feedback and cast an air of wonderous fragility.  You must own this.  You must!

Debut single Orpheus Descending/Orpheus Ascending OUT NOW!.  Limited edition Download

Edinburgh School for the Deaf were formed last year.  Huddled amongst their  ranks are a cadre of Scottish, English and Polish acolytes of the transformative power of distortion and noise.  Their debut album `New Youth Bible`  was recorded with Jamie Grier at the legendary Green Door studios in Glasgow and was  released earlier this year on Bubblegum records.   

The sound of whistling feed-back is totemic to these savages.  They view guitars as instruments of religious communion, as the beacon that will lead their shipwrecked souls ashore to a redemptive beach of noise, saturated with distortion, unconsciousness and happiness. They are devoted to the salvation of speaker hum and the distorted sine wave.  

Edinburgh School for the Deaf are:

Aggie: Chanteusing, Sprechgesanging & Chanting.

Alex: Strum and Drang Guitar.

Ashley: Vocal and Sweeter Guitar

Grant: Bass Guitar & Shouting.

Jamie: Drums and Bangs.

Kieran: Vocal and Electrcik Guitar

Miko: Vocal and Abstract guitar.

Reviews of `New Youth Bible`:

`Having established its operational procedures, the album then wears the fragments its cannibalised influences on its sleeve with devil-may-care insolence.

Thirteen Holy Crowns smothers Joy Division in sugary space dust. All Hands Lost and Eleven Kinds Of Loneliness brutalise Brill Building pop classicism. The Memories Of Wounds shares The Jesus And Mary Chain’s dependence on snatches of trademark Phil Spector sounds amidst dirty guitar noise, the spoken word section echoing those desperate Ronettes dramatic interludes. Lonely Hearts Beat As One is a narcoleptic Mazzy Star pastiche. And Run With The Hunted has an authentically lysergic, sixties Texas vibe, like something rare on the International Artists label. ` Stewart Lee

 `New Youth Bible sounds like a Wehrmacht doctrine, a call for order, and throughout 37 minutes of sometimes deafening, sometimes spine-tingling rock, it is entirely difficult not to fall under the spell....`Unmistakably uncompromising, with more than a hint of poppy dissonance, Edinburgh School for the Deaf have succeeded in making an album that is somehow both succinct and sprawling, heavy and light, tender and tough. Intelligent and ambitious, 'New Youth Bible' is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders.’  Ravechild

`New Youth Bible” is a succinct, targeted blast of a record which establishes them as one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in a long while. It’s also an intelligent, broad and ambitious listen delivered entirely on the band’s own terms. However, I maintain it’s easy to forget there is a brilliant pop record somewhere in here, which is sometimes hidden behind the walls of feedback and beautifully impenetrable noise you’ll crash through while exploring’. SHOFT

edinburgh school for the deaf

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