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Formed in Greenock, Scotland, in 1985, The Hardy Boys toured extensively between 1985 and 1990, releasing one classic 12” single for Shrewsbury label Stella Five before splitting up. In the intervening years, interest in the band continued to grow ,with copies of the 12” single changing hands on Ebay regularly for £300 +. Demos and other songs began appearing across the internet and were eagerly swapped on indie sites across the world. Word began to spread that The Hardy Boys were one of the great ‘lost bands’ of the C86 era and that the quality of their songs dwarfed many of their better-known contemporaries, their yearning lyricism and soaring  melodies bringing to mind a Glaswegian Smiths.

A key influence on Scottish bands such as Wake The President and Camera Obscura, The Hardy Boys were based around the songwriting skills of Johnny White and David McArthur. The Hardy Boys Play Songs From The Lenin And McCarthy Songbook is 14 songs of mature literate pop awaiting  discovery by a new generation of underground fans and contains all four songs from the Wonderful Lie 12 “ single as well as the five songs from its follow up Let The World Smother You.  Johnny, David and Paul both wrote and played on Mouse Eat Mouse’s critically-acclaimed debut album Mair Licht (Hackpen Records).  The reformed The Hardy Boys, were  joined by indie pop songstress Kat King, in April 2010 and will tour the UK in September.

A new EP from The Hardy Boys, ‘You’re Just What I Need’, ’The Trains Ran On Time’ and ‘Dear Seamus Heaney’ has been released by Bubblegum Records to coincide with the September tour. This is the first new material from the band since 1990.

The Hardy Boys: Johnny White, Paul McArthur, Derek Mullen, David McArthur and Kat King.

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Under The Piccadilly Clock by bubblegumrecords

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British Melancholy, the new album from The Hardy Boys, will be released on Monday 24th of October 2011 on Bubblegum Records. The album was recorded in July 2011 at Green Door Studios with Sam Smith.

Tracklist:  British Melancholy, I Want You, You’re Just What I Need,, Please Take My Blues Away, Mare Nostrum, Is It Really Four Years, I’ll Never See You Again, Pole Star, Jane, And The Trains Ran On Time and Rest, My Beautiful Muse.

The Hardy Boys - British Melancholy by bubblegumrecords